What Inspires Briggs & Riley



What Inspires Briggs & Riley


Where does Briggs & Riley get their inspiration?

Briggs & Riley is inspired by their customers and the world around us. Briggs & Riley Sympatico Luggage Collection was inspired by the strength, beauty and grace of the sea turtle. Marine turtles have a strong protective shell to protect them from the elements, just like Sympatico hardside suitcases. Sea turtles swim gracefully through the ocean and that inspired the Double Swivel Wheels for smooth 360 degree motion and quiet rolling of the Sympatico luggage. 

Briggs & Riley is inspired by science, specifically aircrafts moving at the speed of sound with their sleek body of design. Moving at the speed of sound is what inspired Briggs & Riley to design the super sleek TORQ Tech Black Collection made of 100% Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material that is high-strength, lightweight.

Briggs & Riley is inspired by 40,000 species of plants, green landscapes and eco-tourism and that inspired Briggs & Riley to design the Transcend VX Collection in the color Rainforest Green.

Briggs & Riley is inspired by the view of earth from space. From space earth is filled with beautiful blue oceans and bodies of water. The view of earth from space inspired Briggs & Riley to design the Limited Edition Baseline Suitcase in Navy.

The Sympatico Collection draws inspiration from the vivid hues of nature, and are now availalbe in bold, iridecent colors. 

Inspiration to design Briggs & Riley Luggage is found everywhere, in nature, in space, in urban settings and from you our customers.

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What inspires Briggs & Riley to design.

"we’ve heard the frustrations of travelers carefully packing their bags then discovering a wrinkled mess after arriving at their destination."

So Briggs & Riley created the Outsider® handle, which delivers a flat packing area and more space, so your clothes stay the way they were packed.

"we’ve seen the hassle of removing watches, keys and jewelry and emptying your pockets into those unsightly grey bins."

So Briggs & Riley designed their Speedthru™ pocket to securely store personal items for easy access at security checkpoints, a feature on each and every carry-on we make.

"as privacy becomes increasingly important, it is essential that your personal information remains private."

So Briggs & Riley created the easy access HideAway™ ID tag to conceal that personal information.

"we’ve seen how difficult traveling as a family of four on vacation can be, with everyone carrying their own luggage."

So Briggs & Riley designed our SmartLink™ system which allows you to effortlessly transport two or more bags at once.

Briggs & Riley® PHILOSOPHY

Briggs & Riley® bags are engineered for reality and knows that when your traveling, your luggage can mean the difference between a frantic trip or a relaxed trip. Briggs & Riley® listens to its customers, who are using the products and design bags for their customers' real world needs.A handle mounted on the outside of a bag to create more room and flat packing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. An expansion system that adds capacity then compresses your belongings securely in place. In fact, we have multiple patents designed to make travel, well, easier. It ’s innovative thinking like this – never for innovation’s sake – that sets Briggs & Riley® apart. Now combine all that with the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the business. It’s no wonder our customers are nothing short of Fanatical about our bags. Read more about Briggs & Riley's Philosophy at www.briggs-riley.com/about/philosophy

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