Built In suiter


Prevent Wrinkles…

Briggs & Riley's built in suiter prevents your suits and formal attire from wrinkling inside your suitcase. Tri-Fold Garment Suiter is available in select Briggs & Riley luggage styles. To use your Briggs & Riley Tri-Fold Suiter, place your hanger in the hanger perch and secure with elastic. Start folding your garment along with the panels of the suiter. Built in foam rollers gently fold your garment and prevent creasing. Now that your formal suit is tucked away, zip the suiter closed. Additional zipper on the suiter compartment can be used to store socks, ties or stockings.

Built in suitcase suiter is not only perfect for buisness and formal attire, you can pack your semi casual outfits for a night out or fancy vacation dinner. Built in suiter means you don't have to worry about wrinkles, or packing a bulky travel clothes iron or clothes steamer.

Attending a wedding? Your dress you plan to wear to the wedding wont be wrinkly when you arrive to your hotel and your slacks and button up shirt won't wrinkle either. Built in suiter is not only perfect for business profesionals, but anyone who likes to dress up once in awhile.

Briggs & Riley Built In Suiter Video

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