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Design, functionality and style reach new altitudes with the Transcend Collection featuring VX™  Variable Expansion System. Transcend Collection is meticulously engineered for a lifetime of memorable travels. 

Transcend VX™  Variable Expansion System allows up to 2.5 inches of customizable packing capacity. VX™ System insures your bag will retain its structure and shape while you pack and travel the globe. The cinch down mesh packing panels keep clothes from shifting during travel and minimize wrinkling of your travel clothes. One side of the mesh packing panel can be fastened to the side of the luggage using the smartlink dock so the panel does not interfere while you pack. Transcend VX™ creates a sense of pack-ease, all meticulously engineered for a lifetime of memorable travels. Say yes to every last souvenir with 39% more packing space for bringing back 39% more gifts.

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Transcend VX™ is the only luggage with variable expansion. Design, functionality and style reach new altitudes with Transcend. Introducing VX™ Variable Expansion, which allows you to easily pack more or pack less for your trip. With VX™ Variable Expansion
System you will have room to bring back souvenirs from your trip. Pack more or pack less for your trip, finally you have a suitcase that adjusts to you.

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Transcend VX™, one of Briggs and Riley’s greatest innovations, is a triple threat. Get form, function and of course, style, all while packing and expanding to your heart’s content.

Overpackers, this one is for you. The ‘VX’ in Transcend VX™ stands for Variable Expansion, which means these cases expand to a height of up to 2.5 inches. You’ll have more than enough space to bring souvenirs home for your friends and family, and still have room for those special items you pick up for yourself. Plus, the lightweight, sturdy frame and durable PERMASQUARE fabric (aka a super tough material that doesn’t back down), ensures your bag stays strong and stable, even when you go a little overboard with shopping.

On top of brawn, Briggs & Riley has got beauty with three classic colors: Merlot, Slate and Rainforest. Find the perfect hue (or hues if you can’t choose just one) for your travel personality. Lightweight and effortless, the entire Transcend VX™ collection can keep up with you no matter where you roam.

Gone are the days of old school zipper expansion. With an adjustable, zipper-less expansion system, this bag not only expands, but it stays strong while traveling. Pack everything you need without worrying about your bag holding up or having enough room. Briggs bags are called road warriors for a reason.

Every feature was designed with easier packing and travel in mind. The rigid expansion system won’t flop down like a zippered one, and the tie down panel can be fastened to the side of the bag while you’re packing. So you can can focus on important things, like should you pack a swimsuit in case you have time for the pool? Yes. Yes you should.

There’s nothing worse than dressing to the nines only to be accessorized with wrinkles. Major fashion faux pas! The easy-to-use garment folder on the inside lid keeps your clothes neat and wrinkle-free, while the hanger loop cinches hangers securely in place. Plus, the patented Outsider® Handle provides a flat packing surface inside, so you can stay organized sans wrinkles.

Packing and traveling (and life!) is even easier with pockets. The large gusseted front pocket ensures you can quickly grab a jacket if you’re feeling chilly in the boardroom or on the boardwalk. The SpeedThru™ pocket gives you easy access to your passport or ID at important travel checkpoints, and it’s lined with bright orange fabric, so you’ll always remember to securely zip it. In our mind, you can never have too many pockets when you’re on the go.

Glide from the airport carpet to the tiled conference room with wheels that move 360-degrees. No matter how overzealously you pack or roll, the wheels at the front ensure stability.

The integrated bottom fabric handle offers another super smooth move. It gives you a strong pull-point, which means you can grab your bag from the luggage carousel on the first try. Whew!

If all these features aren’t enough to convince you of its worth, the Large Expandable Spinner is available in four sizes to cater to every type of traveler. (We’re looking at you, overpackers.)

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