Briggs & Riley SmartLink™


Briggs & Riley SmartLink™ System…

Transport two bags as one with Briggs & Riley SmartLink™ system. The strap remains tethered to your bag so you'll never misplace again! Easily transport multiple bags at once with the Briggs & Riley SmartLink™ system. Whether you are setting up for a trade show, or traveling with a large family, SmartLink™ system will combine your bags for easy transport through the airport, hotel lobbies, and tradeshow locations. SmartLink™ system is built in to the Briggs & Riley Baseline luggage. Simply reveal the SmartLink™  strap from its pocket on top of your bag, then loop the T bar to the top of the suitcase. Next, loop the strap of through the handle of a second bag and buckle the SmartLink™ strap. Violà! Now you can transport two bags at once, easy peasy. 

When you are not using your SmartLink™  strap, you should store the strap back in its own zippered compartment. The SmartLink™  strap is tethered inside of the pocket, so you will never lose or misplace your strap ever. 

Briggs & Riley SmarkLink Strap System Video

SmartLink™  Strap System is built into the Baseline Luggage, Torq Luggage and BRX Luggage.

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